What is Invisible in the Probability Distribution?

For n observations, what is the hidden moment? What are you missing from the “empirical” distribution?

Say the maximum flood was 3 meters or maximum loss was 22%. What are we missing in the statistical properties?

Link to the Paper mentioned in the video – What You See and What You Don’t See: The Hidden Moments of a Probability Distribution


  1. Hello to you…

    I have red Antifragile: Things That Gain From Disorder and some other books, and I have found them to be very interesting!
    The concept of the antifragile thing was very interesting, too.
    However, now I remembered one interesting thing, it is like that not visible part.
    For example, let’s take a bone that has been broken and healed, that bone will become a stronger than original one. It goes into a category of what doesn’t break you, just makes you stronger.

  2. … and it will lead to a thing called classes of equivalence … and

    later to something that is called DSS- Decision Support Systems…

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