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  1. Hi,
    i have no idea if you will read this, but ever since i went through “fooled by randomness”, things in my mind changed. I dont have perfect writing english and i am sorry for that. But after fooled by randomnes, that i got on audiobook and listened to about 3 times / the whole / and some fractions more times. I got the black swan and it was also incredible. I bought fooled by randomness on a paperback, but to be honest i am a bit scared of reading it again, because it is a huge game changer for me. Also i got the Antifragile and havent started it yet, but plan on doing so. I am very grateful to you for writing and publishing these books. They changed my aproach to life and to my online poker career. Now i am much more skeptic and always have in mind that all can be pure luck. Also that all can go wrong very fast and i am working on being more robust in all areas. Anyway it got too long and i would hate to bore someone like you, if you somehow decided to read this. I am making a dream come true, by writing to you. Wish you all the best and thanks for everything 🙂

  2. I too was affected be ” Fooled By Randomness” , as in college many years ago I made my own observations about the strange understanding that academics had of “randomness”, which was decidedly at considerable variance to my own (at some point had very defInite ideas about randomness, as we were obliged to formulate such). I am somewhat older than Taleb, and a scientist rather than mathematician. Found it scarey too, as better defined than my own understanding. Thanks for your comment. Will try the audiobook!

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