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Nassim Taleb is a profound thinker and quite mysterious character, and to say his website still looks like it is stuck in the 90’s is probably a compliment. My Google searching left me empty handed as to dedicated site to him so for these reasons I decided to start this website, to serve as an index of his work and appearances around the web, and to do a little bit more blatant promotion of his ideas than he does himself (at least online).

There is plenty of material to cover, for now be sure to checkout his Facebook Page if you haven’t already where he posts regularly, a delightful mix between aphorisms and ideas from his latest book Antifragile.

  1. Urban Rainmaker says:


  2. I have one comment and one reservation about Antifragile. The comment relates to profragility and reservation relates to history.
    Every system, organism and institution that is antifragile consist of two types of elements or components. Profragile that seeks fragility and robust. Any new technology or innovation is Profragile and these are needed for growth. The robust elements/comments of the system that have withstand the test of time. So they are the save heaven in an event of black swan. An army is profragile and castle walls robust. I am writing a book on profragility. It explore the characteristic of profragile and why they are essential. You have already identified them but just like there was no word to describe antifragile same is the case for profragile. Banks are fragile, options profragile. There is a big difference between the two. Profragile have huge payoff in case of success but definite losses that are more eminent than a once in a life time success.
    Now something about the history. You wrote that there is no point reading history that is not older than at least fifty years. Here is the catch. As per your own argument in Black Swan, history is smooth out because of human need to have a coherent story. It implies backward thinking as highlighted by the turkey problem. Building on this argument I can safely assume that history is not at all reliable whether its old or new. Older the history is more dangerous it is to be used as a guide as it has been smooth out even more than the recent one.

  3. Profragility is covered in the ethics of antifragile. Its presented as heroism. In my view its profragility that is deliberately seeking fragility.

  4. Melhim says:

    I think

    Hormesis is a better term than Anti-Fragility

    but I like the book

  5. pangeanexplorer says:

    It’s great to see physicians using Antifragile.

  6. Ibrahim Facuri says:

    Hi, I´m brazilian!
    I would like to use a term created by Nassim Taleb in a job that I am building, giving due credit of course. Is there a email so I can better explain what it is, to see if Nassim Taleb allows me to use it?
    Thank you!

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