[Twitter] Nassim Taleb announces female scholarships open for virtual #RWRI 19 (Real World Risk Workshop) 2024

“Friends, we have female scholarships (up to 99.999999999%) open for this summer’s virtual #RWRI 19…” Taleb tweeted.

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  1. Dear Mr. Taleb,
    Just a note to express my eternal thanks for your books. I have been an equity trader for my own account for 40 years so I have never taken myself too seriously. Until I found your work, james gleick’s book, chaos the making of a science, was the most life changing tome I had read. (my avocation is astrophysics). I have read the black swan, antifragile and fooled by randomness 6 times each and made extensive notes (you other books are on order). They are just extraordinary works. I was very aware that the people at long term capital were idiots (I had read when genius failed), but I did not understand why (other than no stop losses) until your very entertaining explanations. I found the philiosphy and information invaluable and life changing. I will be buying your new book as soon as it’s available.

    Kindest regards,


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