[YouTube] Simpson’s Paradox & Its Exploitation by Covid Sociopaths

In every age bracket, the vaccinated live longer than the unvaccinated. However as a group, the unvaccinated appear to have a longer life expectancy. This is because the vaccinated tend to be older (hence more likely to die). I explain Simpson’s Paradox in general.

Note: I used the vaccinated/unvaccinated ratio for 50-60 vs 10-20 of Oct 2021, so don’t bug me if it rose since; no effect on the point so long as there is an inequality.


  1. I see your point regarding the statistics based argument and Acknowledge that you said other arguments against vaccine may be valid.
    Would love to hear more on your view on vaccines and covid in general.
    I have spoken with scientists involved with creating the vaccine and found that they are indeed worried about long term consequences but are afraid of saying so because they can sense the political background behind it.
    Also, what about other covid-related laws such as lockdowns for the young and the harm they may cause via other forms of death and civil unrest in the long run?
    I saw a good talk on this on the Hoover Institution channel on youtube with Dr Jay Bhattacharya
    And will you be releasing a new book soon?

  2. Thank you Nassim. Like JP above, I’m very interested to hear your thoughts on Covid, vaccines, lockdowns and all the implications. I’m very much hoping you’re going to come out with a new book that explores everything COVID related. I’m sure there are MANY other fans of yours that are hoping the same. Merry Christmas!


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