[YouTube] The Gates Foundation is Repeating the Errors of Mao Zedong

The Gates Foundation is financing genetically modified mosquitoes to control natural mosquitoes. This quick video:
1) Discusses the Four Pest Campaign by Mao that helped kill 15-50 Million people around 1960.
2) Explains why genetic modification has nothing to do with natural selection or animal breeding.
Scientism is not science.

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  1. This reminds me of the Laffer curve. At 100% taxation government collects no taxes and the economy goes under ground and the government creates false demand. At 0% taxation government collects no taxes and people/the market is freely allowed to create supply. People like Yellen who have never held a real job, create policies where they do not have to pay for them despite being wrong 100% of the time are the ones who do not believe that the tax rate will have any destructive qualities on our futures and creating new services or products. If you were to complete the F of X, wouldn’t the destructive portion begin to curve down as humanity is destroyed? Thereby making your curve look like the Laffer curve

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