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I am interested in decision making under opacity (when we don’t know what’s going on) without being harmed by mistakes, disorder, and volatility, and be potentially helped by them. Antifragility at the gobal level is achieved through the skin in the game rule: people should be harmed by their mistakes if these harm others. At the personal (local) level… let’s discuss. Home Page (Verified on twitter @nntaleb)

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  1. My Question to you: What author would you recommend for an ordinary person to gain general healthy life-philosophy?

    Please accept my thank-you and great appreciation for your fantastic work.

    I call it the “Science of not knowing”, I adopted the phrase after I realised how soon the experts answers became …well..unconvincing, in that they refuse to realize that there is still more to learn than what they thought they knew, and thus the potential impact of the unknown is greater than their knowledge.

  2. If you search “Nassim Taleb”, at the very top it appears “Nassim Taleb Net Worth”. Isn’t it curious that people are more interested in “NW” than in the books? It’s like “I don’t care what he says. I care about how much he makes saying it…”

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