Nassim Taleb Lecture at the London School Of Economics

Lecture – Antifragile: How To Live In A World We Don’t Understand

Professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb talks about how systems, including evolution, can withstand shocks to them and are able to improve because of it and those systems that reject it, such as modern politics and banking.


Date:  Wednesday 5th December 2012 at 6:30pm–8pm

Location: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building at London School Of Economics, London WC2A

London School Of Economics
Houghton Street
London, WC2A 2AE
Phone: 020 7405 7686

Tickets: 020 7405 7686 (Free, ticketed)

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Upcoming talk at University of East Anglia Philosophy School of Philosophy

Nassim Taleb will be speaking at the University of East Anglia as part of their 2012 Philosophy Public Lecture Series on Philosophy and the Economic Crisis.

The talk is scheduled for Thursday 27th of September 2012 and is titled “Opacity, Asymmetries and Ethics”. It will be held in LT2 and begin at 6.30pm, and is free to attend for all.

See here for the website and contact information:
http: // www. uea. ac. uk/ phi/ eventsnews/ public lectures/ public- lectures-2012