Medium: The insidious racism of Mary Beard and the “diversity” operators

The diversity discourse appears to serve an insidious form of racism and Northern Euro supremacist agenda (with a redefinition of the Western world and a reframing of the classics). Please stop classifying people according to race, and stop creating racial stereotypes and divisions in the name of “diversity”, while doing some smug virtue signaling. Look up “framing” in a decision theory textbook and you can see what I mean. This is no different from funding Al Qaeda headcutters and women-enslavers in Syria in the name of “democracy”.

Read the full piece on Medium: https: // medium. com/ @nntaleb/ the- insidious- racism- of- mary- beard- et- al- 8b6b768b4575

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  1. I have a measure for these historians. The number of times you seek to challenge them with an alternate view before they get personal indicated by letters in alphabet. The second is the number of tweets before they block you. Most are C 4.
    My best to date is A 2 from a twerp with a PhD at York University.

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