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  1. SALAM’A’LEIKUM (This is something (not all, I hope) I learned when I worked 7 years in the Middle East countries…)

    I’m a Finn, who has read Your famous “Black Swan” -book. Not once, but at the moment for the 4th time! My IQ has been tested to be 124 – but due the fact, that the whole IQ-idea is based on the Bell Curve by Gauss, that figure is not at all so significant… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m a quite social man in my small society – I’m regularly asked to give lectures about “what so ever”… Nowadays I quote Your Black Swan ideas on every possible connection. Mentioning always the source, of course.

    We Finns are privileget to have You lecturing here in Finland – unfortunately I cannot join the conference.

    If You want to see the “Lake Finland” (in Finland we do have 188.675 lakes, approximately) – do not to hesitate to contact me in order to organize a brief introduction to this Real Finland!!!

    The city of Mikkeli, where I’m living, is just some 230 kmtrs NE from Helsinki.

    Thank You for Your being – and ideas, also…

    Sincerely Yours – in Extremistan, intrisincally ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jiitee Hartikainen
    M.Sc, geosciensies
    +358 45 1281 667

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