Taleb’s MOOCs | Law of Large Numbers and Fat Tails (Note #3)

Micro Mooc #3. The law of large numbers is the most important thing in life and science. It is the basis of epistemology and problem of induction. How many observations do you need to know if something is true? We get into the plumbing and show how it is too slow under fat tails. This is a simplified (but technical) presentation of a segment of “Probability and Risk in the Real World”, the Technical Companion for The Black Swan http:// www. fooled by randomness. com/ FatTails. html

[Video] Nassim Taleb speaking at the Rafael del Pino Foundation

Rafael del Pino Foundation organized, on July 3, 2013, the keynote of Nassim Nicholas Taleb titled “Antifrágil. Las cosas que se benefician del desorden” (Antifragile: Things that gain from disorder) on the occasion of the presentation of his work with the same title.

Preview: Entrevista. Antifrágil. Las cosas que se benefician del desorden

Full talk: Conferencia. Antifrágil. Las cosas que se benefician del desorden.

[VIDEO] The Guardian: Nassim Taleb and Rory Sutherland join John Plunkett at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

The author and philosopher and the Ogilvy Group UK vice-chairman join John Plunkett at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to discuss how ideas relating to resilience, uncertainty, randomness and variation can apply to the advertising industry. They look at how the ’80/20′ theory of resource allocation can lead to disproportionate gains for minimal risk

http: // www. guardian. co. uk/ media/ video/ 2013/ jun/ 19/ nassim- nicholas- taleb- oglivy- risk- video

[VIDEO] Nassim Taleb Stanford Lecture

Here is the video from the Nassim Taleb Stanford Entrepreneurial Lecture Series posted earlier in audio format.

In this seminar, entrepreneurial leaders share lessons from real-world experiences across entrepreneurial settings. Speakers include entrepreneurs, leaders from global technology companies, venture capitalists, and best-selling authors. Half-hour talks are followed by a half hour of class interaction.
Learn More: http://stanford.io/V5YQ0b

[VIDEO] Nassim Nicholas Taleb talk at Concordia University

The Department of Political Science and Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability present Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a world renowned author and scholar who will discuss his work on uncertainty, randomness, and disorder outlined in his new book: Antifragile. Taleb’s works focuses on decision making under uncertainty, as well as technical and philosophical problems with probability and metaprobability, in other words “what to do in a world we don’t understand”