[Medium] A Few Things We Don’t Quite Get About the Levant

(First Draft of the Foreword to Pierre Zalloua’s forthcoming book. For comments.)

Some people believe that the Levant is the end of the East and a portal to the West; others describe it as the end of the West and a portal to the East. Those in the first group tend to belong to the main branches of the Islamic faith, while those in the second belong to various Christian Levantine churches. Now, one might think that the two descriptions are equivalent: an intersection, after all, is an intersection. However, by the same mechanism that generates the so-called ‘narcissism of small differences,’ not only are these two statements not equivalent, but they are, in practice, contradictory. It even took a civil war for the Lebanese to understand this fallacy.

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[Twitter] Benefits and Risks of Exercise Intensity: Insights from Nassim Taleb

Nassim Taleb discusses how varying amounts and intensities of exercise impact health.

[Twitter] Nassim Taleb announces female scholarships open for virtual #RWRI 19 (Real World Risk Workshop) 2024

“Friends, we have female scholarships (up to 99.999999999%) open for this summer’s virtual #RWRI 19…” Taleb tweeted.

[New Version] Informational Rescaling of PCA Maps with Application to Genetic Distance

A new version of the paper using entropy-based Principal Components maps for genetic distance (vs Gaussin correlation-based methods). Applied to the PCA of the entire world population, relative distances are markedly different!

Link to the paper – https://arxiv.org/pdf/2303.12654.pdf