[YouTube] How to Look at the Risks of Covid Vaccines?

How to look at the risks of Covid vaccines, why they are much lower than you think. We never had a larger monitored sample size in history and it allows events that on average show up later to manifest themselves very early on. Rationale: It takes a long time in a casino for someone to win 8 times in a row. But if 8 billion people played at the same time you would certainly witness a minimum of such events every day.


  1. Thank you! I have been waiting for this video for a long time. But you are not talking about the fact that these vaccines are using genetic edition and that is the first time it’s been used in humans.

  2. I’ve read, enjoyed, understood to a a large extent, Antifragile and The Black Swan, but for the life of me I get next to nothing out of your videos such as this. I really cannot understand what you are talking about and what you are graphing. Covid deaths, vaccine reactions, disease progression, huh?

    You act like you are making a simple explanation of something but I don’t know what you are explaining. You might start bu saying clearly what the video is about and what you intend to accomplish in the video.

    1. It’s because he does not understand the biology nor does he understand the clinical results of the pivotal trial.

      There is so much false and misleading in this video, its a scandal. Just look at VAERS/Eudravigilance and Yellowfins Card to refute his initial claim. The cumulative impact of endless boosters destroy any not in of a pre-determined distribution curve

      Below is chilling set of detail to be afraid, be very afraid: >>>>>>An Insanely Reckless Process<<<<<<<<. Her attention was diverted to the science of mRNA gene transfer technologies in early 2020, when Operation Warp Speed was announced. As noted in her paper, many factors that lacked precedent, yet were being implemented at breakneck speed, included: The first-ever use of PEG in an injection. The first-ever use of mRNA gene transfer technology against an infectious agent. The first-ever “vaccine” to make no clear claims about reducing infection, transmissibility or death . The first-ever coronavirus vaccine ever tested on humans (and previous coronavirus vaccines all failed due to antibody-dependent enhancement, a condition in which the antibodies actually facilitate infection rather than defend against it). The first-ever use of genetically modified polynucleotides in the general population.

  3. “Alas”, said the patient, “I am dying from the vaccine, but the fact that this is a rare event gives me comfort”.

    Statistics stops to matter when this thing hits someone personally, one death is one too many, and to me the maddie de garay video told all I needed to know about vaccinating my kids.

  4. This is indeed quite simple. Catching Covid has unlimited downside of frequent dying and long covid for all, who did not get vaxed. Vaccination is not risk free like any other vax, but reduces the severe downside to a negligible fraction compared to catching Covid without vax, stupid. Thus, get vaxed unconditionally to increase your chances for a further good life by orders of magnitude.

    Unfortunately, many less competent in statistics pay far too much attention to sideeffects and exagerate them because they are much more visible due to the much larger sample. Thus, they are trapped by simple statistical effects, increasing their inate behavioral biases and thus their own health risks.

    The blame for this goes to politics, which handled Covid only as a medical problem, not as a social behavioral one, being at least as important.

  5. I’m a big fan, but he oversimplifies the COVID side of the equation by just saying “COVD, it’s deadly” as if it’s a binary thing, as in, “You get COVID, you die” I’d like to see him do the same sort of analysis of COVID infection – what your odds are of dying if you get it and are healthy (almost zero) and over different age groups, with or without comorbidities, etc. For instance, the Biden admit said in January 2022 that 75% of COVID deaths in the US had FOUR OR MORE comobidities!!!

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