[YouTube] Nassim’s interview with George Buhnici

Nassim Taleb’s Interview with George Buhnici of Cavaleria Com YouTube channel

This one of those videos that will definitely change your perspective on the world. Nassim Nicholas Taleb is one of the most pragmatic minds out there and I was honored to interview him. Enjoy!


  1. … yeah, there are still some stuff that is in chaos.
    For an example if you have enough bodies that are influencing to each other there is a point when gravity is way to chaotic.
    For an example you have Braun’s particle moves.
    And in statistics there is no cure for some things…

  2. … Okay I have a story that tells why average value doesn’t work, and there is more to it, too.
    At my place I have a seven clocks, and they all show slight difference. I have taken all those values added them, and divided by seven. That is a thing I learned in a high school from experimental physics class. Yes, I had that one, too.
    Since all times were similar, I got some pretty result and I was happy with it. I looked outside one the square there was a big clock with time that is not bit, but a lot off. …
    How is that possible!
    Well, I live in a house on a wheels and I have failed to adjust a time zone.
    That is reason why democracy in the America makes no sense any more.
    One reason is interventions that happen all of the time, average will work, but if it is applied properly, which is not a case any more. …

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