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  1. With all the great respect to Nassim Taleb, the conclusion of the article is incorrect, because it is based on wrong physical presumptions. In particular, it ignores the following facts:

    1) Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is an airborne fertilizer. About 15% of the current agricultural output is due to the elevated level of CO2. This is the only significant impact of CO2 emissions. Whether the magnitude of CO2-induced warming is totally insignificant or just small is still in debate (although <0.01˚C per year, observed over the last 50 years, looks like less than insignificant.)

    2) Atmospheric CO2 is totally natural. For the most time in the last few hundreds millions years, atmospheric CO2 concentrations were higher than today, sometimes 10-15 times higher. We live in a CO2-impoverished world. By burning fossil fuels, humans simply return CO2, that became biomass and fossilized millions years ago, back into atmosphere.

    I keep it short, but a lot more can be said. See a short summary of climate sciences.

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