Nassim Taleb on GMOs


On GMOs: “A pound of algebra is worth a ton of verbal commentary”. I managed to fit the Precautionary Principle into a few lines. The GMO paid propagandists are pounding tons of verbalistic statements (even an incompetent smear campaign), but this simple summary should cancel about everything they are trying to say. In a single column. They need to refute my representation or show that f(breeding) has the same maximum as f(GMOs).

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  1. The disastrous impact of GMO products on fertility, longevity and other vital functions was proved with mathematical precision by dr. Irina Ermakova (Moscow, Russia). She described in detail her trials of GMO on rats and widely published all ruinous results obtained. She kindly proposed GMO supporters all over the world to repeat her trials in order to disprove the final results. By now no volunteers…

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