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☞ Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider writes about Musician Brian Eno’s recent letter to Nassim in A Glam Rocker’s Letter To Nassim Taleb On The Lessons Of Fukushima Is The Smartest Thing You Will Read All Day. The Long Now Foundation Blogs about it also.

☞ Matthew Boesler on Nassim’s recent Twitter exchanges with Karl Whelan. Also see Karl Whelan at Forbes weighs in.

☞ posts about a recent exchange with Nassim in the Q&A at his talk at Concordia University:

“In his book Antifragile, he writes about how one of his characters, Nero Tulip (who is based on Taleb), never donates to charities that have someone drawing a salary, and that he never donates when asked. Knowing a number of dedicated & thoughtful workers in the social sector, this did not sit well. After his talk ended, I decided to ask a question about this: “If I work for a charity, and we genuinely do good work, and I draw a modest salary, is it not my duty to tell the world about my work and to ask for donations?”

A Via Negativa Approach to Humanitarian Work: aka how Nassim Taleb has Influenced my Thinking on Genocide Prevention.

☞ Nassim Taleb’s Barbell Theory applied to Photography? In essence make photo shoots short and intensive; Try keep photography as a hobby or play; Optionality in shooting lots of photos but only keeping/displaying the best; The tails is where the action and insight is so pay attention to your best and worst photos.

☞ A new blog Antifragile Life; Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love volatility.

☞ Steve Miller criticises “authoritative” public-policy macroeconomists in his blog post The Data and Bias of Macroeconomics.

John Sullivan writes about Nassim’s new book Antifragile and the importance of looking at market’s fragility rather than risk, and how markets require stressors to thrive.

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